Global Readability score and level

What is it?

The Global Readability score is an aggregation of all the metrics:

It rates content on a 100-point scale.

The Flesch score accounts for half of the Global Readability score. All the other metrics make up the other half of the Global Readability score.

The higher the Global Readability score, the better the readability of the page.

The Global Readability score is mapped into a Global Readability level: it provides the range of the Global Readability score at a glance.

The mapping is as follows

Global Readability score rangeGlobal Readability level
score < 26
25 < score < 51
50 < score < 76
75 < score

Why does it matter?

Quickly assess the readability

The reader instantly knows the readability of the page from the Global Readability score.

Quickly assess the impact on readability

After publishing the page, the user can instantly know if and how the changes have impacted the page readability.

How to improve?

Any improvements on the Readability metrics will improve the Global Readability score.

Refer to the “How to improve” section of each metric for more details:

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