What is Easy-Read?


EasyRead is a Confluence Cloud addon made with love by Qawa!

It helps users to write “readable” Confluence pages.

“Readable” pages offer several benefits:

  • Save time for the readers: the reader quickly understands the information
  • Ensure the message is conveyed: readable content is easier to absorb whatever the audience
  • Ensure the content is enjoyed: the reader is motivated to progress through readable content.

In EasyRead, the readability of a content is expressed by several metrics:

The metrics are aggregated into a Global Readability score.

The Global Readability score and the metrics are accessible through a Report on every page.

The Global Readability score is mapped into a Global Readability level: it provides the range of the Global Readability score at a glance.

This Global Readability level is visible as a byline item under the page title.

Intended audience

The customers are Confluence Cloud users with Write permissions on a given page.

Intended use

EasyRead aims at helping users write readable Confluence pages in an efficient way.

EasyRead computes several Readability metrics on the page and combines the results in a Report.

The Report is accessible to the user when the page is in read-only mode (via an inline dialog accessed through a byline item).

The Report provides the Global Readability score along with the metrics results.

For each metric:

  • A result category is computed and represented with a symbol
Result categorySymbol
  • A result explanation is provided

In the Report, the metrics are ordered according to their result category:

  1. Problems
  2. Warnings
  3. OK

Here is a Report example


Access the Readability Report

  • When loading a page, the Global Readability level is displayed right under the page title.
  • The Global Readability level is expressed by a text and an icon.
  • When clicking on the EasyRead byline item, the user accesses the Report for the page.

Compute the Readability Report

The Report is computed when:

  • A page is created (at publication time)
  • A page is updated (at publication time)
  • There is no existing Report and the byline item is clicked on

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